How To Apply Strip Lashes?

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Strip Lashes were made centuries ago for actresses to do their plays. With time and people changing, everybody started wearing them. Now a days many people wear strip lashes only for parties, special occasions or TV. Eyelash extensions or eyelash lift are very much in demand right now, therefore we don’t see people using Strip … Read More

How to maintain a healthy feet?

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How to maintain a healthy feet? We are always worried about our body, face, hands and we always forget about our feet. How can we wear beautiful sandals if our heels don’t look nice? A look is unfinished without a healthy feet, I think. A regular pedicure keeps nails tidy and improves their appearance, the skin is cared for … Read More

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extension

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Eyelash extension are enhancements designed to add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes to achieve a beautiful full luscious and long set of lashes that are natural and you won’t even know they are there. They can be separated into two types: temporary (two weeks) and semi-permanent (up to 4 weeks). Adna Cristina Beauty has years … Read More

Top 5 Anti-Ageing Cleansers

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 Anti-Ageing Cleansers. It is so important to cleanse our face at least once a day, saying that, I particularly cleanse my face morning and evening everyday. That’s a ritual for me. I just can’t go through the day without cleansing my face. Here are my top 5 anti-ageing cleansers: Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser – Not only … Read More

Eyelash Extensions – What you should know

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Eyelash Extensions – What you should know: With the popularity of Eyelash Extensions growing globally, several news types of eyelashes are popping up. But what’s the difference? Although any of the extensions will give you constant compliments, there are some vital differences between these popular Eyelash Extensions that you should be aware of. Differences Between Mink and … Read More