Cervical Cancer Awareness Campaign

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Cervical Cancer Awareness Campaign Cervical Cancer has been a huge topic in the last couple of months. It’s incredible the amount of women having the test dropped ridiculously in the last few years. Having abnormal result myself a few years back (which changed to normal thank God) and also finding out that one of my … Read More

How can acne be treated?

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How can acne be treated? Acne is undoubtedly one of the most common skin conditions. It affect all of us at some point during our lives. Ranging from a handful of blackheads to pimples all over the face, chest and back, it can prove a life-changing experience for some, both physically and psychologically. One of … Read More

Most FAQ About IPL and Laser

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IPL & Laser Most FAQ IPL and Laser are used in aesthetics for light-based energy treatments such as hair removal and skin rejuvenation. The main difference between IPL and Laser technologies is their wavelengths: Lasers generally operate at a single wavelength. IPL operates across a range of wavelengths. I personally find much better professionally speaking … Read More

Hyaluron Pen: Needle Less Dermal Filler

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HYALURON PEN – The Needle Less Dermal Filler Treatment Hyaluron Pen is the new beauty treatment that enhances lips, cheeks and minimize wrinkles. No needles, no pain, minimal to no swelling or bruising, no need for dissolver products and no added chemicals. Hyaluron Pen is the now offered by Adna Cristina Beauty, needle less dermal … Read More

Private Training Qualifications

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Private training qualifications are more popular than NVQs. People usually think that NVQs are better qualifications than other type of qualifications. However, a recent survey revealed that the number of therapists working in the industry with private training qualifications have outnumbered those who hold traditional qualifications such as NVQs. There are two main training routes … Read More

How LED Mask Work on Your Skin

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How LED Mask Work on Your Skin The technology was first discovered by NASA in order to grow its first flower aboard the International Space Station. Soon after, they used LED lights within the medical field to help promote wound healing. Consequently, the lights gained a popularity within the aesthetics industry. Comfortable and safe, this … Read More

Benefits of a Regular Exfoliation

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The benefits of a regular exfoliation and why we should use an exfoliant. An exfoliant essentially copies the skin’s natural renewal process of desquamation. It involves the loss and replacement of the top skin to keep the skin’s protective barrier working at its best. The cells move upward from the deeper layers to the outermost … Read More

The Effects of a Night Cream

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The Effects of a Night Cream How many people choose to use different face creams for day and night? Would they achieve the same results by applying their day moisturiser as a night cream? The answer is no. Day creams and night creams respond to different needs. Day creams are usually designed to protect the … Read More

Brighter Skin From Within

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Brighter Skin From Within! Vitamin C is a strong antioxidants and powerful skincare. Science has proved that it tackles the processes that lead to skin ageing resulting in a firm, smooth and brighter your skin. Our skin suffers a lot with every day natural and environmental conditions, which triggers the skin’s structure from inside out. … Read More