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@MACcosmetics @zucainc Make-up case para Maquiadores

Gente, comprei esta mala da ZÜCA com um desconto maravilhoso no stand da MAC no show de maquiagem que aconteceu neste último fim de semana aqui em Londres, a UMAE.Esta mala […]

Brighten, Sparkle & Glow Make-up Collection for spring/summer 2013

The collections that were designed to give us a instant lift for the spring/summer have always been around but this year there are a lot more shades and texture.For our luck […]

Women Buy More Beauty Products During a Recession…

  Girls pay attention to this post that I took from Fashionista website, it is very interesting: “The so-called “Lipstick Effect”–the phenomenon of women buying more […]

Smart Shopper…

Hello Everyone! Here are some tips from the Stylist Katie Greengrass and the Senior Dresses Buyer at Topshop Camille Perry who gave Look Magazine some ideas, […]
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