CND Shellac gel nail polish was created for a last long result. The gels come in an array of colours, apply like polish, it comes with a twist cap and applicator, and are cured for 3 minutes in traditional UV lamps, just like gels. It stays on the nails up to 14 days, with no chipping or peeling, a mirror finish and soak completely off in only 5 minutes.

Bio Sculpture Gel is applied as an overlay onto natural nails. The permanent colour gel is strong and flexible, with a glossy finish, lasting for up to three weeks. Bio Sculpture Gel is an advanced nail treatment that strengthens and conditions nails. The flexible coating moves with the nails, protecting them, whilst allowing them to grow without breaking.

Ditch the chips, flakes and fade in your nail colour and book your appointment today!


Shellac Removal

30 min


Shellac Manicure

1h 15min


Shellac with Glitter

1h 15min


Shellac French Manicure

1h 15min


Shellac Pedicure

1h 15min


Shellac French Pedicure

1h 15min


Shellac Mani & Pedi




Bio Removal



Bio Manicure

1h 15min


Bio Manicure with Glitter

1h 15min


Bio French Manicure

1h 15min


Bio Pedicure

1h 15min


Bio Pedicure with Glitter



Bio French Pedicure

1h 15min



What is Hyaluronic Acid?
One of the reasons the procedure is simple and the substance inserted into the skin is safe is that the human body produces the exact same acid. It makes the exact same chemical substance; it is pretty impossible that one would get any sort of allergic reaction or complication from the substance itself. For fillers, the substance is produced using synthetic version. Hyaluronic Acid exists in the human body (joints, eyeballs, skin) produced by the body itself exists in Epidermis and Dermis layers of the skin and one of the main functions of it is to keep water inside the skin tissue, the more Hyaluronic Acid there is inside the Epidermis and more importantly Dermis layer of the skin, the more water is retained in the skin, the moister it is and the more youthful it looks. As we get older we loose quite a lot of the acid so the pen only enhances it.

How does Hyaluronic Pen work?
It is a needle-free system that uses high enough pressure for a fine stream of hyaluronic acid filler to go into the skin.

How long does the result last?
Everyone is different; longevity of treatment will depend on age, skin condition and metabolism so although it’s difficult to answer from experience it can last from 3 to 12 months.

How much will my treatment cost?
The cost will depend on areas to be treated and clients expectation, however my treatments are affordable.

Will I feel any pain?
There is a little discomfort, but no pain.

Is there any risk?
As with all treatment procedures, there is always a risk, however it is minimal with the Hya Pen. Some clients might experience swelling, bruising or blood spot right after the treatment.