Hair loss affects millions of people, including women. There are a number of potential causes for hair loss. In women, hair loss is almost always an indication of some underlying medical issue. Some of these issues include:

  • High levels of androgen hormones including testosterone, androstenedione, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
  • Alopecia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Medication side effects
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Trauma and stress
  • Anaemia
  • Chronic illness
The most important step in treating hair loss in women is to get to the bottom of other issues causing the hair loss and treating those issues. Once the underlying medical issue has been treated, then regrowth can be tackled using an Indian herbal hair recipe for regrowth.
The answer to re-growing beautiful hair just may be found in the ancient Indian healing tradition. One such recipe involves massaging the scalp with a mixture of different herbal massage oils, which can help to purify the scalp and keep pores open. The following oils are believed to be beneficial to the scalp. Try using a mixture of a few drops of each oil in a carrier oil such as pure olive oil. 

Brahmi- This oil helps to calm the nervous system and nourishes hair by promoting overall thickness and body. 

Amalaki- This oil is a cooling oil that is believed to prevent premature hair loss and avoid premature greying.

Hibiscus- This cooling oil helps to maintain colour and promotes healthy hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles

Rosemary-Rosemary oil stimulates hair follicles, promotes growth and keeps hair from thinning prematurely.

Lavender- The fragrant oil from lavender also stimulates hair growth. It also balances scalp oil production.

Jasmine- Jasmine oil is a stress reliever. Adding a few drops of jasmine to a carrier oil can help to alleviate stress that may lead to hair loss.

Using the oil recipe for scalp massage

You can use any or all of the above named oils for scalp massage. Try using this massage technique and recipe once a week. To perform an oil scalp massage:
  1. Add a few drops of each of the oils you will use into a bowl that contains a few tablespoons of olive oil.
  2. Gently warm the oil by placing the bowl in a larger bowl of hot water. Heat the oil until it is warm to the touch but not hot.
  3. Dip your fingertips in the warm oil and part your hair. Apply the oil to the part.
  4. Using the pads of your fingers (not your fingernails), work the oil into your scalp in a circular motion using a comfortable amount of pressure.
  5. Continue parting hair and massaging the oil into your scalp until you have covered your entire head and the back of your neck.
  6. Use vigorous motions if you want to increase your energy, and slower motions if your goal is relaxation.
  7. Once your entire scalp has been covered with oil, wrap your entire head with a warm, damp towel. Allow the oil to stay on your scalp for at least an hour and up to overnight.
  8. Shampoo the oil out using your normal shampoo procedure.
The oils are also available from a number of reputable online sources who sell quality ingredients.

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