Strip Lashes were made centuries ago for actresses to do their plays. With time and people changing, everybody started wearing them. Now a days many people wear strip lashes only for parties, special occasions or TV.

Eyelash extensions or eyelash lift are very much in demand right now, therefore we don’t see people using Strip Lashes anymore.  They are good because we glue them on top of our eyelash and take them off whenever we want. There are different shapes, sizes, designers e colours. They were made to last a day on the natural lashes and it can be reused a few times.

With the Strip Lashes, there is also the flares ones (clusters) which is a bit more difficult to apply ourselves. It needs loads of practice or have a beauty therapist to do it for you.

Step by step:

1- You have to measure the false eyelashes with your natural bottom lashes.

2- Then you have to cut the side which was left.

3- Now you apply a thin line of glue on the edge and wait 30 seconds to dry (if you try to glue the lashes with the glue still wet, it won’t stay)

4- After the glue is almost dry (wait 30 seconds) then use tweezers to help place the lashes on the top lashes right at the roots, if it is not quite right you can pull it out and try again it without using more glue.

If you practise a few times you will notice your application will start to get better.

 The best ones, that I really like are the ones from Eylure which you can find in any pharmacy or cosmetic store. They come in a box with a glue which, very easy to apply, soft and light. I think it is one of the best glues for false eyelashes, bought in a shop. You can also use the duo eyelash glue.

Check the video out step by step, how to apply strip eyelashes:

As a beauty therapist I work also with semi-permanent single eyelashes extension, the treatment time is 90 minutes, the lashes last up to 4 weeks. I glue lash by lash to your natural lashes and they look extremely natural and changes your look to a much more elegant finish bringing your confidence back.  Worth a try!

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