HYALURON PEN – The Needle Less Dermal Filler Treatment

Hyaluron Pen is the new beauty treatment that enhances lips, cheeks and minimize wrinkles.

No needles, no pain, minimal to no swelling or bruising, no need for dissolver products and no added chemicals.

Hyaluron Pen is the now offered by Adna Cristina Beauty, needle less dermal fillers (lip filler), Bio Rejuv (wrinkles filler) and Mesotherapy (wrinkles, lip filler and fat dissolver) using a Hyaluron Pen device that allows us to work without the need of a doctor. It’s an amazing new beauty treatment. It is much safer giving a very natural look.

Hya Pen Treatment is the easy alternative to injectable treatments. It is a Non-invasive method of administration dermal filler, mesotherapy, biorevitalization & fat dissolve. The HyaPen system works by injecting the product at pressure high enough for a fine stream of liquid to penetrate the skin.

Without touching any arteries or veins, it’s very safe and the serum is a thin hyaluronic acid product so that clients have a very natural result. It lasts anything from 3 to 12 months depending of clients’ lifestyle. Prices go from £99 to £250.

The Hya Pen is not painful but clients do feel the product going into the skin. The normal fillers are very painful and also the risks are much higher.

The serum for normal fillers is much thicker; it has toxins and chemicals whereas the pen most of the serum is hyaluronic acid which we already have in our skin so the pen only enhances it. Hya Pen won’t give clients that dramatic look, but it still fills the lips and wrinkles.

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