Hello Ladies,

This was one of the first Balm Stains from Revlon that I bought, and this is the only one that I’ve tested so far.

I love the formula, the packaging, and the product itself. 

It’s so pigmented, just the way I like it!, However after a while I noticed that it got a bit cakey on my lips, just like the lipsticks with long duration, they say that it gives you softer, smoother lips with a flush of shiny colour that lasts hour after hour.

Mine didn’t last an hour, this colour does have a light peppermint fragrance, so good though!
I have dry lips and I felt that it didn’t leave my lips so hydrated or smoothed for long. It’s easy to apply with its rounded tip.

The pencil twists up from the bottom when you need some more.
So I don’t know really. It is OK, but not the way I was expecting though. It is creamy, yes, but not that creamy! The price isn’t so bad.

Let me know what you think…

See ya!



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