Body Wraps for Summer

Body wraps can offer excellent short-term results as we move into the warm season.

Today’s society is becoming really conscious of its looks. In search of that perfect skin, we all want a treatment, which will help us look radiant. A treatment to firm up those trick areas and slims down few inches ready for summer such as body wraps.

Often marketed for their slimming qualities, provides detoxing and moisturising results; it also releases a sense of luxury and relaxation. I work with Strictly Professional Body Wraps and the treatment is very popular specially just before summer when clients are preparing themselves for holiday. It’s a great beauty treatment for inch-loss with many claim a minimum loss of a certain amount of inches. My treatment has also exfoliation just before which helps the wrap gel absorb more effectively into the skin.

Clients can loose up to 10 inches each time. It’s a great boost and really positive treatment, however, the loss isn’t necessarily permanent, unless the client makes huge changes to their diet and lifestyle. I always recommended a course of the treatment, at least 3 sessions.

The body wrap gel is applied after the exfoliation and rubbed into the skin. The cotton bandages are then wrapped tightly around the area. Finally a professional plastic film is wrapped on top of the bandages. Clients are covered with a foil body cover for 45 minutes to promote sweating and absorption of the gel.

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Our body have the capability to self-clean and self-heal. When we overload it with toxins, this process slows down. Body wraps usually add heat to help clients sweat and expedite detox. The process tights the skin and improve body contour. Upon removal of the plastic film and bandages, client can enjoy a skin feeling refreshed.

Body wraps are an amazing get ready for summer beauty treatment. This in turn helps the body eliminate excess fat and water retention naturally. Overall, you can really feel the benefits internally and externally in a well toned and hydrated skin.

Would you try it? Let me know your thoughts.



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