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Body Treatments

Body Contour Wrap

The Strictly Professional Body Contour Wrap guarantees inch loss and improves the appearance of skin tone and cellulite.

Using a unique blend of essential oils and the traditional method of bandage compression. The treatment removes toxins from the fatty tissue and creates a loss of inches around the body contours:

Firstly, we have a thorough consultation. I will record your specific needs and ensure that there are no contra-indications to the body wrap treatment. The information is recorded confidentially for our records.

We measure your body in specific places and after we scrub the area to be treated and wash it off with a clean and wet mitt then we apply the Contour Gel to the areas of your body that are being treated. The Contour Gel is a combination of four blended Essential Oils in an Aloe Vera Gel base. It is non-sticky and the superior blend of essential oils warms the tissues, increases circulation and improves the condition of your skin.
After being wrapped, I leave you to relax for 45 mins. You will be made comfortable and kept warm. I will check on you regularly to make sure you are okay.

At the end of the relaxation period, the Contour Wrap Bandages are removed and the same areas of your body are re-measured. Your skin will also feel warm, soft and smooth.

The body wrap is the treatment to choose if you want:

  • detoxified skin
  • inch loss
  • time to relax
  • a feeling of revitalisation
  • taut, youthful skin
  • to soothe tired muscles
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite

Back Exfoliation

This luxurious treatment uses a blend of natural ingredients carefully combined to produced and invigorating exfoliation treatment leaving skin soft with a beautiful glow.

It is the one to choose if you want a good back exfoliation, which involves being rubbed with a gritty lotion designed to get rid of dead skin cells that could otherwise clog up pores and cause spots and excess grease.

These gritty bits should feel slightly rough against the skin but not painful as not everyone enjoys the same sensations. These gritty ingredients are mixed with a soothing lotion with added aroma to make your skin smell nice and feel smooth afterwards. This treatment lasts about 25 mins.

Please note that this treatment is not recommended if you have any of the following:

  • a fever
  • sunburn
  • contagious skin condition
  • cancer
1Body Treatments
Back Exfoliation 30 mins £35
Backcial 45 mins £60
Body Wrap 1 h 30m £80
3 Sessions Body Wrap # £200

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