Cervical Cancer Awareness Campaign

Cervical Cancer has been a huge topic in the last couple of months. It’s incredible the amount of women having the test dropped ridiculously in the last few years.

Having abnormal result myself a few years back (which changed to normal thank God) and also finding out that one of my best friends just discovered she’s got cancer, it’s time to help other Campaigns to raise awareness how important smear test is and it can save lives.

As every women, I know how embarrassing and daunting it can be going to the GP for the test, so to encourage young ladies Adna Cristina Beauty is offering a free basic bikini wax who brings a confirmed GP smear test appointment.
I like to say thanks to Lycon Wax for their support with this amazing initiative. 

Also on top of that Adna Cristina Beauty will donate £1 from every sale of bikini, Brazilian and Hollywood waxing from May to August to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

Let’s share this post and start helping Jo Trust saving lives who are the UK’s leading cervical cancer charity. Cervical cancer can be devastating! But Jo Trust is here to reduce the impact. They provide trustworthy information, campaign for change and provide support at every step. I’m also trying to to my bit. 

Appointments are available from 9:30pm to 5pm Monday to Friday until the end of the month.


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