Surrey MumPreneur Campaign! Adna Cristina Beauty will be running a #surreymumpreneurincentive to help mums to go back to work and teach them how they can master the work/life balance.

I’m passionate about empowering other women to become mumpreneur and to be able to afford life with or without partners/husbands. Mums will learn how to start and run a successful business from home.

I’ve been working from the age of 16 and even after my 3 children, I still carried on working. I was an employee until things got too much for me and then I started my own business in 2014. It wasn’t easy to begin with, but I persevered and things were easing off gradually. I was enjoying it very much as I still do.

I love doing different trainings. It’s so much fun because I get to meet new people and my profit was increasing. Because of that I’m starting this initiative to help other mums. I would like to help mums with young children to get back into the world of paid work.

As a result, Adna Cristina Beauty  #surreymumpreneurincentive was created to provide opportunities for women to build their own business and reach independence. Providing extra income and a work life that they can easily fit around childcare so all mums who want to set up their own businesses, can tailor their working hours around their children instead of returning to the office or not having a suitable job. It’s also available for mums who want to work part time or have their children in childcare already.

I will offer professional accredited trainings in an very easy one-day course. No previous experience needed. Trainees are provided with all the necessary elements for a successful beauty business, as well as full access to an online theory from health and safety to client care, reception and marketing.

For more info contact Adna Cristina Beauty on +44 (0) 75281 22018.


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