IPL & Laser Most FAQ

IPL and Laser are used in aesthetics for light-based energy treatments such as hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

The main difference between IPL and Laser technologies is their wavelengths:

Lasers generally operate at a single wavelength. IPL operates across a range of wavelengths. I personally find much better professionally speaking the IPL system. We use IPL system for more treatment applications than a single laser.

For popular treatments like hair removal, there is no significant advantage of either laser or IPL when it comes to clinical outcome. Both are capable of delivering great results over a course of treatments.

Local authorities regulate the requirements for operating a laser or IPL device.

Some councils ask for a Special Treatment License, but most ask that the clinic meet the national minimum requirements:

The therapist needs to complete the ‘Core or Knowledge’ laser safety course. Also product training from equipment supplier and NVQ Level 4 in Beauty therapy are a must.

The certificates as evidence of these are on my wall.

My insurance specifies the type of equipment I’m using and the light-based treatment I offer.

My IPL machine

  • Has a Medical Grade B mark.
  • Offers skin rejuvenation, skin pigmentation, acne, red veins removal and hair removal
  • Is from a reputable company with good quality devices
  • Lynton Lasers have a solid reputation. They provide a good level of support to us.

Modern IPL machines are much more effective than the first ones to appear on the market in the nineties. They are much more comfortable than the original ones which were quite painful.

In summary, modern cooling headpieces and the modulation of the light pulses has resulted in IPL machines that direct the light and heat to the hair follicles and not the surrounding tissue.


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