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Non Surgical Face Lift

Non surgical Face Lift is a non surgical face lifting treatment which helps to improve lines and wrinkles, tone facial muscles and plump the skin - along with many other benefits.

The iconic Ultra Visage! Get a deep face massage with the Carlton Professional CC2000 Ultra Visage MicroCurrent Facial Lifting Treatment. Ultra Visage is a low frequency, micro-current, mains operated electronic massage unit. It's specially designed programme uses pre-set, timed variable waveforms to complete the treatment. Ultra Visage offers facial contour lifting by re-aligning the muscles of the jaw, neck and face, reducing and smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles. Sagging breasts and upper arms will improve immensely, along with skin tone and texture. Increases circulation and therefore improves skin texture and colour. Over time can improve the condition of scar tissue and facial blemishes.

Using an innovative combination microcurrent treatment is the ultimate solution for facial skin care. Highly versatile, it can be used for a combination of treatments or may be used individually depending on your requirements.

This type of facial also uses a current to lift and tone the facial muscles and also to improve the colour and texture of the skin and soften lines. During most of the electrotherapy treatments you may experience a slight tingling effect on the skin, but this is quite normal.

While most people will benefit from the restorative and relaxation effects of a facial treatment, there are some contraindications (more likely for electrotherapy facials), which any trained therapist will be aware of. You should therefore expect your therapist to go through a very thorough consultation before your first facial to find out what treatment best suits your needs and your skin type.

You need a course with at least 6 sessions treating the skin twice a week for visible results.

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1Non Surgical Facelift
Non Surgical Facelift 60 mins £65

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