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Take it to the max with these Eyelash Enhancers!

Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with long luscious lashes. Very often clients come to my salon asking what they can do to grow their brows and lashes. The answer is growth serums or eyelash enhancers.

So why no try one of the latest enhancers or growth serums to help growing strong and healthy flutters?

There are many brands out there with different products, some very expensive and some average. Each one with their own amazing formula and ingredients. However I do think they all do the same job as long as you use them right. Follow the product instructions. Some of them even work on Brows too, I mean, for brows and lashes? That’s pretty good!

I myself tried Lilash (lashes only) and Nouveau Lashes (brows and lashes). They are both excellent. You can only find them online. Prices varies from £15 to over £100. There are also other brands that some of my clients tried such as Number 7, RevitaLash, Jane Iredale HiBrow and Dreamweave. They all said the same thing, the serums work the same way.

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The market is packed with all sorts of enhancers, numerous brands for all type of brows and lashes conditions. Like for short lashes, weak lashes, brows that don’t grow, etc.

These are good products for people who have eyelash extension done very often, as the lashes get very fine with time, but they can only use the enhancers when the fake lashes are off and they give some time for lashes to grow back. You can really see the lashes growing after maybe a month or so. Some of them come with an application and others come with a mascara brush.

There are even brands who sell mascara with growth serum in it, which could also be ideal having two-in-one.

As matter of fact a client told me that some of them has an ingredient called Prostaglandin which isn’t good for you. but I mean, it’s not that we are going to get any sort of irritation using it maybe a couple of times in the whole year. If it makes sense to you! I have never had anyone complaining about any side effect from the serums mentioned above, to be honest.

Overall, if you still like to have eyelash extensions done even if it’s only for a special occasion or holiday, check out what I have to offer at Adna Cristina Beauty.

So let me know if there is a brand you like also what you think about the prostaglandin.


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