Private training qualifications are more popular than NVQs.

People usually think that NVQs are better qualifications than other type of qualifications. However, a recent survey revealed that the number of therapists working in the industry with private training qualifications have outnumbered those who hold traditional qualifications such as NVQs.

There are two main training routes into beauty and holistic therapy. Colleges usually offer NVQ courses. These courses are usually full time over one or two years. The other route is through private courses. The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists is a trade body who accredited most private training qualifications.

Private qualifications have been growing in popularity over recent years. According to the last survey carried out in 2016, the changes are quite high. The latest survey (which happened in 2018) reveals how trends have changed.

The survey asked therapists to state what qualifications they had taken and this data was categorised into private courses.

As a result the 2018 survey showed that 55.8% of therapists working in the industry today hold private qualifications compared to 44.2% who hold NVQ qualifications.

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