How LED Mask Work on Your Skin

The technology was first discovered by NASA in order to grow its first flower aboard the International Space Station. Soon after, they used LED lights within the medical field to help promote wound healing. Consequently, the lights gained a popularity within the aesthetics industry. Comfortable and safe, this versatile technology is the perfect treatment for all skin conditions.

It uses very safe UV free low-level light therapy. The light emitting diodes (LEDs) to expose the skin to clinically proven wavelengths of light. Delivered at safe therapeutic doses, to stimulate naturally cellular response. The mask incorporates five wavelengths:

Red Light is for anti-ageing treatment

Blue Light is for acne and sensitivity

Yellow Light is for toxin elimination

Green Light is for pigmentation

Purple Light is for healing

Blue and Red Light combined is for soothing

Treatments with LED Light can be used as a standalone or combined with a pre-existing to create a unique fusion treatment.

All treatments can be catered to the client’s skin needs or concerns. It’s completely painless and can provide amazing results with regular treatments. There is no downtime after a treatment session.

The LED Mask has become a favourite among A-listers including Madonna, Kim Kardashian West, Kate Hudson, and Shani Darden. Therefore, it has appeared across social media platforms. Keep your skin looking red carpet ready and glowing booking one of my facials.

In conclusion, with clinically-proven wavelengths, flexible treatment programmes and world-wide recognition as a celebrity favourite, can you really not having or adding this amazing skin treatment?

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