The Effects of a Night Cream

How many people choose to use different face creams for day and night?

Would they achieve the same results by applying their day moisturiser as a night cream?

The answer is no.

Day creams and night creams respond to different needs. Day creams are usually designed to protect the skin against environmental damage. It could be UV rays and pollution, whereas night creams will help the skin to restore and regenerate. The texture will also be different. A day cream will be lighter and easily absorbed, in order to allow an easy makeup application. Whereas night creams will leave a richer texture, providing a long lasting action through the night.

Just like our body, our skin cells restore and regenerate at night. Therefore it is important to apply a night cream to provide skin with the nourishment it needs to repair itself from the environmental damage inflicted during everyday life. E.g. city pollution, heating and air conditioning. Using a night cream is just as important as a day cream, as it helps to repair and hydrate the skin during our sleep.

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For everyone who buys one skin care treatment, it is vital to use the night cream to replenish the skin while we sleep, increasing the higher lipids to increase regenerative fibroblast production to increase skin firmness and recovery of our daily dose of the ever-harsher sun rays.

Skin loses water whilst we sleep, meaning skin can become dehydrated overnight leaving skin with lines in the morning. Night creams help regenerate skin whilst we sleep, they are thicker consistency to day creams providing night time moisturisation to ensure the skin does not become dehydrated overnight. A good night cream will also help the skin repair as whilst we sleep most our energy will go into cellular restoration and rejuvenation.

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