How to maintain a healthy feet? We are always worried about our body, face, hands and we always forget about our feet. How can we wear beautiful sandals if our heels don’t look nice?

A look is unfinished without a healthy feet, I think. A regular pedicure keeps nails tidy and improves their appearance, the skin is cared for and the products promote strength and growth of the nails.

Home care treatment is recommended to maintain and enhance healthy feet at home.  We know that there are all kind of creams and soaps to keep our feet hydrated, but I have some very important tips:

1 – First, soak your feet in hot water for 10 minutes using liquid soap; to leave that very thick skin soft. 

2- Use a scrub and exfoliates your feet for 2 minutes each to remove all the dead skin.

3 – And finally you must use a foot moisturiser to keep your feet healthy and skin much softer. 

You should repeat this process at least once a week. You will feel the difference within two weeks of use.

I also recommend moisturising Socks for the night for only 30 minutes.

A regular pedicure at the salon is also extremely important once every 4 weeks to help with your home care. You will actually feel pampered with nice, refresh and beautiful feet, now that the summer is coming and the weather is getting better, let’s show off those beautiful work you have been doing on your feet. 


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