5 Best Drugstore’s Hand Creams

Hand Creams – How uncomfortable it is having your hands so dry and cracked through Winter? I’ll say…

Suffering all the time in the winter from extremely dry hands can be very unpleasant. I know many people who also suffers from that so I put together 5 Hand Creams. I think they are some of the best drugstore’s hand creams.

Tried so many products, but only a few satisfied me leaving my hands so soft and nourished. Also I’ll give you some tips in how you can keep them soft and crack free hands. It can be very painful sometimes. As a beauty therapist I always tell my clients to look after their hands in the winter. I give them some tips how to keep their hands looking soft most of the time.

 5 of the best drugstore’s hand creams in my opinion:

1- L’occitane En Provence hand cream. A friend recommended it, because my hands were very sore, in a few days they looked softer. It has a lovely rose scent, but it didn’t last as I was using it every time. Also a bit pricey.
2- Neutrogena Concentrated hand cream. Reasonable price but the consistency is too thick. It doesn’t have a nice smell and I would recommend this one for Male’s hands.
3- Nivea Age Defying Q10 Plus hand cream – has a sweet fragrance, not very strong and price is OK. It left my hands very soft, the cream has a thin consistency and you feel the softness in your hands for quite a long time, but be careful it can be a bit of mess when applied in a large quantity.
4- Vaseline healthy hand & stronger nails hand cream – the cream left my hands very soft and smooth but only for a little while, price is good, I found it a bit sticky and it has a nice floral fragrance.
5- Dove Winter care hand cream – has this creamy smell, very efficient and left my hands very soft, reasonable price and it has a good consistency great to carry on your hand bag like all the other ones above, it has natural ingredients and essential oils for everyday use. In fact they all are for everyday use anyway.
Here are some tips to keep your hands fresh and young:
  • Try to apply oils on your hands everyday such as jojoba oil, grape seed or just a simple olive oil to keep your skin moist and fresh.
  • Apply as many times as you want and need it only helps your skin
  • Try to wash your dishes and clean your house with rubber gloves as the cleaning products can really damage your skin.
  • If you can sleep a couple of nights during the week with loads of cream on your hand and wear gloves I know sometimes it can get a bit warm but it worth the sacrifice, you will wake up in the morning with a soft hand.
  • Have your manicure done once a week to keep not only your hand but also your nails and cuticles healthy.

And there you go, beautiful hands at all times, if you have anymore ideas please do let me know in the comments box. Click here to find about the amazing Dermalogica Surface Peel to get rid of dead skin and stimulates cell renewal. It is also an amazing treatment for hands.


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