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Anew Beauty Lip Plumping has a excellent moister for the lips and the conditioner gives them a nice shine too,  I have one and I always try to buy a new one before it finishes as I can’t live without the plumper, specially in the winter, but it’s also very good in summer to protect against sun damage. It restore a youthful looking appearance for a plumper and fuller lips. With double the retinal to boost collagen renewal. Wow!!

It can be used on its own or before lipstick, I particularly prefer use it before my lip glosses. I think the price is quite good for a beauty product like that and with me the conditioner lasts forever. We can find it through an Avon representative or buy online. So it’s very easy to find. 

When I use the plumper my lips feel silk soft and line free and it does make us feel good about ourselves as it regenerates the lips and it has a pleasant subtle scent, is non greasy, extremely hydrating and feels great on. One of the bests Anew products…



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