Anew Beauty Lip Plumping Lip Conditioner

Hi There,Anew Beauty Lip Plumping has a excellent moister for the lips and the conditioner gives them a nice shine too,  I have one and I […]

Trend to Try: Two-Tone Makeup…

I am going to shows you that, there are two sides to every story—and every makeup look of course. I got these amazing tips from Style […]

Makeup Tutorial: Delineador verde com sombra marrom…

Oi, para todas aquelas que tem olhos pequenos e escuros, quero mostrar a vocês esta maquiagem linda que mistura um delineado verde com uma sombra marrom. […]

Maquiagem bem suave usando Prata & Preto…

Oi meninas, Quero mostrar para voces como fazer uma maquiagem bem suave usando prata e preto e e otimo para o outono e inverno ja que […]

Ten Tips on How to Make the Spring 2012 Runway Looks Work in Real Life

Hello Ladies! Here again with one more post for you and this time I took this post from the site Fashionista and I want to show […]

The Effects of a Perfect Makeup…

Hello Ladies! I am here again and today I want to talk about the faces with and without makeup. It is so different that sometimes we can’t […]

Esmalte da Semana: 045 Misty Jade da Rimmel

Gente! Este esmalte da Rimmel, uma marca inglesa, esta dando o que falar. Uma cor maravilhosa e vibrante que esta ótimo para a primavera verão deste […]

Nail Polish of the Week: Rimmel 045 Misty Jade

Hello girls, The nail polish of this week is the one from Rimmel called Misty Jade 045, because the spring is here, let’s try colourful and […]

Makeup tutorial Inspiration: Olivia Palermo

Hello Everyone!! New post for you, and this time I want to show you a makeup tutorial inspired by Olivia Palermo, for those who doesn’t know […]
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