I’m so so happy to have my Makeup Masterclass featured on the Your London Wedding Magazine. I love working with brides.

I mean, transforming a women in a sophisticated and elegant lady on their big day. See their satisfaction with my work is really rewarding. It’s amazing actually!

Working as a MUA for any type of client my goal isn’t to change people completely but to have the ability not only make them feel good about themselves. But also to empower women by bringing out their natural beauty and confidence. It’s my number one priority! If they also have a bit of knowledge with my makeup masterclass that would be amazing for them.

Makeup Masterclass on Your London Wedding Mag

It inspires me to continue my work and gain more and more knowledge about the industry.  I don’t just want to make ladies feel prettier. I like to teach them a bit of what I know, my makeup masterclass. If there is a situation of lack of money and they want to do the makeup themselves.

I do hope that with my expertises, it would help many women at least the basics, which isn’t hard to do. But on the other hand it’s so lovely been pampered and not stress about anything else and have a fresh face on their wedding day.

Makeup Masterclass on Your London Wedding Mag

Overall, it is amazing how a bit of makeup can makeup people feel so good about themselves and be able to help them accomplish their big dream is so satisfying and be able to meet their expectation is my work is my passion. As I always say to my clients they don’t need too much only enough to enhance their natural beauty. If you like to have a look at some of my work, please do so going to Adna Cristina Beauty website. Different types of bridal makeup.
Loads of tips about shine skin, dry skin, lips, makeup, etc. Be happy, be gorgeous and be yourself…
See ya!


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